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9-11 Twenty Years On

Friday, September 10, 2021

Ever year since 9-11, Gate House Chairman and Co-Founder Brian Montgomery has delivered remarks reflecting on his experience on 9-11, when he was traveling with President George W. Bush on that fateful day.  For the 20th anniversary of 9-11, Montgomery joined Brigitte Quinn of 1010 Wins to reflect on that harrowing day in history, providing an inside account of the long hours, long day, and several long weeks for White House senior staff as the nation adjusted to a new world in the wake of the terrorist attack.

Montgomery shared what is was like to be part of the White House team during those moments, as the priorities of the Administration and the country shifted overnight. He recalled how the focus of the Bush Presidency turned decisively from all other priorities to one, keeping America safe.  He reflected on how Americans came together as one nation, united against a common enemy.  When he visited Ground Zero with President Bush just days after 9-11, as an example, Montgomery recalled fondly people lining the streets, holding candles and applauding as the President’s motorcade passed through New York City.