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Gate House Partner Michael Marshall reflects on Bob Dole’s legacy

Friday, July 28, 2023

On July 22, Gate House Partner Michael Marshall attended the celebration of Senator Bob Dole’s 100th birthday hosted by the Dole Institute of Politics at the University of Kanas. Afterwards Mike reflected on the Senator’s legacy in the Russell County News, the hometown paper of Bob Dole, recounting his remarkable record of service to our country as veteran, Senate Leader, disability icon, and statesman:

“[T]here is no other public figure who was more identified with the sacrifice and service of WWII generation and who connected more directly with the veterans than Bob Dole.”  Dole “believed deeply in the indispensable leadership role and responsibility of the U.S. to stem the rise of would-be tyrants. He carried a deep sense of purpose that led to his steely resolve and defense of American interests.”

“…[The] the legacy of Bob Dole [can be remembered] as one of the Greatest Generation’s greatest, for his character as Senate leader who as Ronald Reagan said proved ‘the Senate could be led,’ as a disability icon, and as a Statesman who defended American interests abroad and whose understanding of the moral responsibility carried through at home, where he staunchly defended civil rights, voting rights, disability rights, hunger and nutrition, and health care.”

“Dole’s 100th birthday celebration was a friendly reminder of the sacrifice and hard work that goes into democracy and to preserving a free society.”

[Reprinted with permission of the Russell County News.]