Jack Bobbitt

  • Senior Consultant, Gate House Compliance
  • Assistant Secretary for Administration, HUD
  • Director of Strategic Planning, FHA
  • Operations, Sales, and Marketing Management Consultant

Mr. Bobbitt has 38 years’ experience in Sales, Marketing, information technology, and Operations. He has relied on a philosophy of people, process, and performance to maximize profit. This involves building high performance teams, motivating them, and removing all the barriers to success by streamlining processes. He has achieved great success by putting the right people in the right positions and holding them accountable.

Mr. Bobbitt’s journey began as a B2B sales representative. He was promoted to Branch Manager enhancing revenues from $ 7.5M to $38M, while increasing net profit from $1.1M to $ 2.5M in three years growing sales rep revenue productivity from $40K to $401K per month. He was prompted to National Sales Director and ultimately, Director of Sales Operations and Marketing for a $2.7 billion computer reseller and integration services company.  Next Mr. Bobbitt and partners began a high-tech consulting firm analyzing global network performance, developing solutions, and performing integration services. The company grew revenues to $1.5 million the first year with Mr. Bobbitt running operations.

His next endeavor was as a political appointee to the Federal Housing Administration as Director of Strategic Planning. He developed a highly effective account management and marketing department including a quality program and IT systems.  Created and executed channel strategies and marketing plan to maximize account penetration and consumer awareness. Designed and executed web portal from scratch implementing web-marketing campaign, BI for market research & ROI measurements and CRM for account management, call center and case management.

After his first government service, Mr. Bobbitt worked as an independent management consultant. Engagements included managing organizational operations, policies, and objectives of a startup security company to boost productivity and returns for five years; growing sales 200% year to year; instrumental in defining existing systems and developing enterprise IT design strategy and account sales plan for a nine-figure proposal.

Mr. Bobbitt returned to government service as Assistant Secretary of Administration, a Senate confirmed Presidential appointee ay HUD. He managed vision and strategic direction across all human resources, procurement, and facilities functions with a budget of $273M, as well as motivated and mentored 519 employees for a $56.5B federal agency. Administered FHA lender and servicer partners, while serving as a member of FHA Mortgagee Review Board. Developed and implemented training programs for onboarding new hires, employee and manager development, and new manager training. Improved efficiency of hiring, training, and procurement process by devising and executing several programs; established numerous new cloud-based systems that reduced costs and increased productivity. Adopted best practices, procedures and minimized management overhead by removing redundant management positions. Instigated project management plans that outlined goals, KPIs, budget, timeline, and deliverables, while boosting quality and simplifying acquisition process. Successes included; introduced a BPA procurement strategy, including a long-term plan to cost-effectively procure from vendors, while lowering the number of contracts by 60%; Revamped a hiring process by reducing 153 steps and 210 days to 38 steps and 30 days to 60 days’ future state; Redesigned failed policies to streamline hiring process to effect continual improvements in productivity and development of HR within organization; Devised and employed Covid-19 plan for HUD nationwide to prevent transmission of virus and maintain healthy business operations and work environments.

Mr. Bobbitt has had the honor of working for three US Presidents as a White House Advance Lead. In this volunteer role, he perfected executive communication and critical decision-making skills. He also quickly learned how to negotiate with and speak confidently to individuals in very powerful positions. This work, with the President, is classified as a zero-fail mission and must be accomplished to perfection. It prepared him to excel in high pressure, must deliver situations.