Dain Ehring

  • FinTech Growth Strategy Lead, Tavant
  • Outbound Technology Lead, CoreLogic
  • CEO, Dorado
  • Executive, Sun Microsystems
  • Technology Modernization Lead, US National Reconnaissance Office

Ehring has over 30 years of executive level leadership, primarily in Fintech. In 1998, he founded Dorado, a leading SaaS company in consumer finance and a residential lending network. He holds several patents in middleware workflow. As CEO he lead the company from 1998 to 2011 and orchestrated a successful merger with CoreLogic [CLGX]. At its height Dorado managed 40% of all residential lending transactions in the US with 10 of the top 10 banks and non-bank lenders. While at CoreLogic he led the company’s outbound technology strategy. Most recently he led Tavant’s FinTech growth strategy, multiplying the company’s transactions by 100x in two years. Before founding Dorado he was an executive at Sun Microsystems [JAVA]. He was part of a team leading Java product growth and enterprise internet acceptance under Eric Schmidt. Prior, he led Lighthouse Design’s market and business development and helped orchestrate a successful acquisition by Sun Microsystems. He led the technology modernization effort at the] US National Reconnaissance Office, a 60,000 staff highly classified mission critical defense organization, he was recruited by Steve Jobs to manage government business relationships at NeXT Computers. Currently Mr. Ehring is very active in the technology community working with several Dallas and Austin accelerators and venture capital companies. He is on the board of several startups and philanthropic organizations. He has lectured around the country in many fields such as finance, technology, and entrepreneurship, In addition he is authoring several books on corporate mindfulness as a means of productivity growth. He holds a Masters in Astrophysics from UCLA and looks to pursue a PhD in Philosophy.